Robert Kwerreveld

Pragmatic, creative, born and raised in the Achterhoek, proud father

Because of my background in the mechanical engineering, but also in the business administration field I am more than just a ‘ techie’. Especially the combination of both fields are very interesting to me. I always try to get to a good solution and my working experience and drive really helps me to get there.

Anything from engineering to managing a project sounds good to me!


Rob Stronks      

Goal oriented, proactive, sporty, proud citizen of Aalten

Through my study of electronics I entered the world of embedded systems very fast and easily, from consumer products till ad hoc machines and vehicles. The combination of mechanics and software is fascinating for me and I see it as a challenge to get these two things working together faultlessly!

My main purpose is to find a good solution which makes the customer happy.

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