Preventing discussion and confusion can only be done by having a mutual understanding of the project and the assignment. Therefore, at the begin of a new project we first start with a thorough research into the total context of the project.


While working in the medical industry we have learned the importance of working with a solid plan and how to properly document the steps we take and the outcomes. We use this method while working on a total new project, but also when we are asked to extend the engineering capacity for a period of time.


Most of the experience and knowledge is with the customer.

We want to use this experience to get to the best result possible and therefore we want to work in close collaboration with you. Clear communication about the status and progress of the project is very important and comes natural to us.

Experience and network

Because of our experience we also know when and where to involve other expertises. We have created a reliable network around us and are not afraid to use the network.

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